Growling Sidewinder

Welcome to Combat Aviation

Providing entertaining DCS content and building an exciting and welcoming community!

1 on 1 Tactical videos

Creating videos that will help all DCS players with their BFM fight as well as providing quality entertainment.

Tacview Analysis

After every video, we go through the Tacview showing your what was done right, what was done wrong and where improvements can be made!

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

Instructions and video demonstrations to walk you through some of the tricky stuff, and all the 'how to's.

Active & growing community

With over 19 500 members, and growing, we have one of DCS biggest community and are always happy to welcome newcomers and help where we can!

Discord members

YouTube views

YouTube subscribers

Over 400 YouTube uploads!

Who is Growling Sidewinder?

Where to start.
Back in April 2018 with the first YouTube upload, there was never a thought that some 4 years later, my channel would be sitting at over 410 000 subscribers!
With total views sitting just shy of 12 650 000 views, it’s safe to say that we have grown an amazing community!

Over 23700 members on our Discord, a powerful server, this is more then just a YouTube venture for me, it’s about helping grow the community of DCS players. 

Out community staff is made up of dedicated moderators, both for the server and Discord. We have a dedicated server team who tend to all server duties as well as our Discord team who deal with the community and help out as best we can but, both teams work together to help you, the community!